5 Steps to setting goals for the Year

faith home life simplicity Feb 01, 2018
5 Steps to setting goals for the New Year

wall calendar

I’ve always been one that loves setting goals each year but up until a few years ago I wasn’t very intentional about writing them down and following through with them. In recent years, I’ve come up with my “word” for the year, written down my goals, and done my best to achieve them.

In 2014, when my business took off, I was thrown into the chaos of running a multiple six figure business with very little experience. I knew nothing about setting sales goals and knowing what quantities to order for each launch. I was barely keeping my head above water to keep things going in the right direction.

Over the last six months I’ve taken a step back or above I guess you could say. I’ve just really paused and tried to get a bird’s eye view of my life as a whole. It’s amazing how much you can discover when you stop and reassess.

This year, Ryan and I set all of our 2018 goals together. He’s...

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Lately: December 2017 Edition

faith family home life Dec 04, 2017

Lately: December 2017 Edition

When I started blogging four years ago, it was my intention to share a little bit of what's going on in my day-to-day life with whoever cared to read about it. As most of you know, our lives took a drastic turn in 2014 in the best possible way. That was the year  I wrote a book. That was the year I created a planner. The year our life went in a completely different direction than I ever would have dreamed but we are oh so thankful it did!

Since then, our lives have revolved around "the planner" and running a business we knew absolutely nothing about. This meant that some of my passions fell to the wayside even though my heart's desire was to continue on that original path.

So here I am. Almost exactly three years later with the same dream in my heart. To help YOU find your purpose. To inspire YOU to live your dreams. And to equip YOU to live those out. I'll be bringing you monthly updates on what goes on around here in hopes to show you that I'm...

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Celebrating Moms on Mother's Day

faith family life May 12, 2017

Mother's Day, Celebrating Moms on Mother's Day, celebrate, women

There is something to be said for celebrating moms on Mother's Day. It wasn't until I became a mom that I really understood what it means to be one (no kidding!). I remember holding my baby #1 for the first time and this overwhelming, sacrificial love came over me. I haven't been the same since.

From the time of pregnancy, to caring for my little ones, to picking up toys, and tending to sickies, there is so much a mother does that goes unseen. No crowd is standing there cheering you on. You don't get trophies when your kid's school project costs you time and money. There isn't acceptable excuses when it comes to putting dinner on the table and having the cabinets well-stocked with snacks. Being a mom is the most rewarding and probably draining job in the world. That's why I think it's important we practice celebrating moms this Mother's Day.

Most often, we rush to the store for last minute cards and flowers. Sigh out of obligation. Kids rant, "Why isn't there a Kid's Day?!" Gifts...

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Live Intentionally by Practicing Peace

faith life simplicity May 03, 2017

practice peace

In all the craziness of this world, we hear the word peace so much. We crave it, yet we struggle with anxiety. We are overwhelmed with fear and our lives are consumed with hurriedness. And we fill our schedules and routines with constant busyness to distract ourselves from our own issues. The problem with this lifestyle is that it results in no peace. Zero. Zilch. None. Before you know it, that is the last thing we experience. It's time for a change! We need to live intentionally by practicing peace.

If you are familiar with why I started the Purposeful Planner, you will know that the height of my despair was when I sprawled out on my daughter's bedroom floor crying out for more. My desperate heart didn't want to run the ragged race of the life I was living. I was so done with being exhausted and drained. Ultimately, I wanted more peace for make room for Jesus and the important things that lead to a purposeful life.

I really think that to attain peace in our lives, we have to...

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Live Intentionally by Choosing Joy

faith family life Apr 05, 2017

Live Intentionally by Choosing Joy

Do you ever feel like you've heard "choosing joy" a million times? I think in certain circles what started as a thoughtful message has become loosely used. And because of that, it has lost it's weight and depth. I also think if we are in a challenging season of life or experiencing heartbreak, choosing joy isn't something that is easily done or something we know how to do! But the reality is that God intends for us to live full lives that are full of joy. How do we do this? Here is a quick thought on how to live intentionally by choosing joy.

I love the verse Proverbs 17:22, " A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." In the happiest times of life, it is "easy" to feel joyful. It might even be overwhelming. But in the trying times in life when we don't feel happy, being joyful isn't something that comes naturally. So when we hear "choose joy" it is a confusing message to our hurting heart!

The difference between feeling happy and choosing...

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Live Intentionally by Extending Grace

faith family life Mar 15, 2017

Live Intentionally Series by Extending Grace

Grace is one of those words we hear quite often. But when I sit and think about it, grace is a hard concept to understand. I think there are two different kinds. We have to have grace for ourselves, and create a habit of extending grace to others. Aren't both easier said than done? Thinking about this balance, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on how we can live intentionally by extending grace.

I'm starting to notice a pattern when it comes to character building for myself and my family. We have to do the very thing with ourselves that we want to output. Does that make sense? Last month we talked about how to live intentionally by loving ourselves before we can effectively love others. Same goes for grace. We have to be graceful with ourselves before we can have the capacity to give others grace.

According to the Dictionary, grace is "the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings." We are able to have grace for...

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20 Books To Read This Spring

business faith home life Apr 06, 2016


20 Books to read this springI LOVE books! I love to read, I love to hold the book in my hands, I love to smell the pages, I love to dog-ear pages, I LOVE books! But I am super crappy about actually sitting down to read them and finish them. There are so many books I want to read and so little time to squeeze them in. So I've marked my planner with reading times and I'm trying my best to stick to them.


File Apr 04, 10 21 49 PM

I just finished reading The Husband's Secret. I pretty much love anything by Liane Moriarty. I read What Alice Forgot first. It was definitely my favorite of her books that I've read. It really made me think about the decisions I've made in my life and if I would be happy with who I am if I woke up and thought I was 10 years younger. I love the way Liane writes and intertwines social issues that most of us face but don't talk about. I really do feel like I know the characters in her books. Big Little Lies was great as well. Seriously. These books are keepers in my opinion and I'll probably read...

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Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids - Review

faith family life Feb 02, 2016

Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids

I was recently given the opportunity to review Jesus Today : Devotions for Kids by Sarah Young. Of course I jumped at the chance because I love Jesus Calling and Jesus Calling for Kids.

Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids

I had been wanting some sort of devotional for my 10 year old and this was just perfect! The simple layout and bright colors keep him engaged and he didn't even argue when I asked him to read it. He actually loved it and continues to read it every day without me asking. {YAY!}

What I love about this version of Jesus Calling is that the devotions are short and sweet and still filled with truth that will leave an impact. My 10 year old has a pretty short attention span so these are perfect for him. He gets a daily message of hope with scripture to back it up. I really couldn't be happier.

If you're looking for a devotional for your 6-10 year old, this is perfect!

More about the book:

Jesus is the Friend who is always with you.  Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids will pour this powerful truth...
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One Word 2016: Discipline

faith life Feb 01, 2016

oneword discipline

It's February 1st and I'm finally sitting down to write my one word and some dreams and goals for the year. And you know what, I'm totally okay with that. Sure, most of you did this a month ago, but not me. One month ago I was sitting on a white sand beach in Turks and Caicos without a care in the world. The thought crossed my mind several times but I really just wanted to enjoy my vacation to the fullest and not work. It was the first vacation I've taken in years without feeling like I "needed" to get something done. And wouldn't you know, the world kept spinning!

When we returned from our dream vacation (thanks to my parents and grandparents) it was time to jump back into life. School, laundry, cleaning, orders, designing, the list goes on. Then hubby and I celebrated our 19th anniversary with a little getaway to Laguna beach. Next thing you know, it's February!

So February is my January and I really am super excited about it. In fact, I think I might do this from now on. January...

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Fangirl Your Friends

faith life Sep 08, 2015


Fangirl : a girl or woman who is an extremely or overly enthusiastic fan of someone or something

We've all been there. We #fangirl over celebrities all the time. Especially "Christian Celebrities." Most of the time these poor women haven't even asked for this. They're just doing their thing and their space is growing and all of us mature little Christian girls get a little crazy.

Totally guilty. I get inspired by someone and find some sort of connection and get attached. Thanks to social media I get glimpses of their real life and it gives me an illusion that we have an actual relationship.

Why are we so weird?

This is something that's been weighing heavy on me lately. As my circle expands and people get to know me through my business and social media accounts, I want them to know that I'm just Corie. I'm just doing my thing the best I can and moving forward one step at a time. I’m a wife, a mom, a friend. Corie. I just happen to make planners ;)

I'm constantly trying...

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