How to Deal With Failure as an Entrepreneur

business life Sep 09, 2019

Do you ever have one of those days or weeks or years where you're like, "OK God! I'm done learning! Can we just move on?"

That's me this year. I feel like my life has been SO CRAZY! Being an entrepreneur is NOT for the faint of heart. It's never-ending, it's lonely, there are no guarantees.... And you are the one who's in charge of all the things. 

It's been one of the hardest years but the most rewarding if I'm looking at my personal growth, spiritual growth, and just plain "lessons learned." 

Lessons learned aren't always fun though. I used to look at disappointments, letdowns, and failures as just that...disappointments, letdowns, and failures. But after spending a ton of time working on my mindset and really learning why have the feelings I have when certain circumstances arise, I've been able to turn them around and ask God, "What lesson are you trying to teach me?"

Don't get me wrong, I don't have this perfect. It's definitely something that has to be practiced. But...

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Back to School Prep for the Mompreneur

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As much as I do NOT want summer to come to an end, there's just something about prepping for Back to School that gets my little organizational heart pumping. I LOVE buying school supplies (even if they aren't for the kids ), purging everything in the house, meal planning and prepping, and basically anything that will make me feel like I'm winning in the Mom department!

But here's the deal, sister. 

I have A LOT on my plate and I know you do too. Running this business is a full time job. And taking care of the kids is a full time job. And being a wife, and a friend, and a woman is more than a full time job. I get you. I KNOW you're coming here for a little help because you are about to lose your ever. loving. mind!

So here's the plan. And I'm keeping it simple because that is how I roll. No Marie Kondo up in here. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Mompreneur Back to School Prep

1. I'm getting rid of #allthethings. All...

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Entrepreneur's Morning Mindset Routine

Being an entrepreneur can be exhausting. And not just because of the hustle, but because of the mind game that's constantly going. If your business is struggling, more often than not, it's starting with YOU.

Starting my day off with mindset work has been a complete game changer. When my mind is in the right place, before anything else comes at me, my day runs so much smoother.

I do ALL of these things before I even look at an email, social media, or start even the smallest bit of work. I've learned that if I can pour into myself first, I have a lot more to give the rest of the day. And what I AM giving, is more authentic, purposeful, and powerful.

My Morning Mindset Routine

First, I start with my Bible reading.  Sometimes it's my Bible App while I'm laying in bed. Other times it's a more in depth reading plan (by Robert Fergusson). I use The Jesus Bible for this specific plan and I also love The Passion Translation for other reading.

Next, I write in my prayer journal. This is...

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Letting Go of Perfectionism

business life podcast Feb 05, 2019

Purpose With Corie Clark: Episode 001

In the very first podcast episode of Purpose, Corie shares how she let go of perfectionism so that she could grow her business and dream life.

Before we jump into the show notes, we have a giveaway!!!
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Letting go of perfectionism

Corie’s life changed when she read a quote from Jon Acuff in his book, Quitter:

“90% perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100% perfect and stuck in your head.”

Jon Acuff - Quitter

From that point forward she decided it was more important to throw her dreams out into the world and figure it out as she...

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5 Ways CBD Oil Changed My Life

health life Dec 03, 2018


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, physician, or licensed in any way. This is my own results research that I am sharing with you. If you are looking for medical advice, please seek a licensed caregiver.

Use code CORIE for 10% off!!

A few months ago, I started doing a little research on CBD oil and it's benefits. I kept hearing so much about it and knew it was something I'd want to try sooner or later because I'm always wanting to test out natural products and remedies to stay as healthy as possible.

I had seen a friend post about Soul CBD so I quickly messaged her to see if she was taking it! She said she had been taking a different brand but was trying this one out (and has since told me her top choice is Soul CBD). She referred to her anxiety as "Entrepreneur-itis" and I was like, "Oh my gosh! That's what I have!" Now, I don't know that that's a real thing, but for me it is!

Ever since Ryan left his salary job to join me and run this business together, I've had horrible...

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Corie's 2018 Black Friday Picks

family home life simplicity Nov 20, 2018

Black Friday and Cyber Monday has to be one of my favorite shopping events of the year. I am an online shopper through and through so when I can snag an amazing deal on something I'm already wanting or needing, I'm a happy camper!

You all know I love a good deal and I love to help a sister out, so here are some things I'll be keeping my eye on as well as some others that you might be interested in! Scroll all the way down to see some amazing deals on business tools that I use and LOVE.

This post has been updated to reflect CYBER MONDAY

Corie's Deals

Starting now, get 50% off the entire Digital / Printable shop plus $5 notepads, stickers, and stretchy bands! (planners will not be marked down so if you're needing one now, get it ordered!) Sale ends Monday at midnight.

This means my 2019 Business Planner is only $23.50!!! This is a killer deal!! This is exactly what I use to plan out my business goals, launches, income, expenses, and so much more for the entire year!  Get yours...

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Best Essential Oils for the Fall & Winter

family health home life Nov 19, 2018

Best essential oils for the fall & winter

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the scents. Living in Southern California doesn’t really give us that “fall feeling” when we step outside so we like to improvise and create a fall or winter feeling right inside our home. There's nothing like walking in to your home to the smell of the holidays to make you forget that it's 80 degrees outside ;) I used to want to stock up on all the fall candles but since using essential oils, I’ve learned to appreciate the natural scents filling my home instead of the harsh smells that some candles can give.


Whether it’s for the smell of it or to help keep my family healthy in the cold and flu season, essential oils are a must this time of year. I've been using essential oils for quite some time and I've tried the "other guys" but I'm a huge fan of Rocky Mountain Oils. You can read about why we chose this amazing...

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How I Found Revelation in an Unlikely Place

business life Nov 05, 2018

I recently found myself sitting in a room with 400 other women who I thought weren’t like me. I “thought” they were younger, more fit, maybe a little too woo-woo for my Christian self. I almost didn’t go.

If I hadn’t gone, I may have missed out on one of the most important revelations of my life (besides finding Jesus, marrying my hubby, and having children, of course ;) ).

You see, I had a preconceived idea of what I would be experiencing and can I tell you something? That is NEVER a good thing to do. I assumed there would be lots of young health coaches (which there were), no women my age, no women with my faith… I was basically building up a fake little pity party in my head.

Thankfully, my hubby always reminds me I can do scary things and to just go for it.

So I headed down to San Diego early in the morning on Saturday October 20th. I was invited by Angie Lee to her first live event, Pays to Be Brave. I didn’t know a soul heading into...

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Mrs. Meyer's Holiday Scents Are Back!

family home life Nov 01, 2018

This post was sponsored by Grove Co. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. To read my disclosure policy click here.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Why? It's my Birthday Month!! Oh, and it's time to start gearing up for the holidays, parties, and so much more.

This also kicks me into cleaning overdrive (but truthfully, it's either my hubby or a housekeeper doing the dirty work ;) )

Mrs. Meyer's Holiday Scents

Fortunately, it's also the time of year when Mrs. Meyer's holiday scents return. I've always been a fan of Mrs. Meyer's products but the holiday scents are my fav!!

This year, Mrs. Meyer's is bringing back three crowd favorites: Iowa Pine, Peppermint, and Orange Clove. I've been waiting all year for Peppermint to return, because there's nothing like the scent of peppermint and candy canes to get me in the Christmas spirit!

Right now, you can get a free Mrs. Meyer's trio in your choice of scents, plus a free set of Grove Collaborative walnut...

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3 Reasons You Need to Run a Holiday Promotion No Matter What You're Selling

business life simplicity Oct 15, 2018

The holidays are approaching and there is no time like the present to plan your holiday promotion so you can sit back and relax while the sales roll in! Now, before we dive into anything I want to reassure you of something. If you're worried that running a promotion and discounting your products will devalue you or what you're selling, let that go. Sure, you don't want to run a promotion every week and teach your customers to watch for a deal. But a holiday promotion is about customer acquisition. Creating that first transaction with a new customer and then nurturing them to keep coming back for more.

Last year, I ran my first holiday promotion. Well, let me take that back. My first holiday promotion with a strategic plan in place.

I increased my sales by a whopping 73% following this plan! 

What I learned in the process was the increased revenue was only one of the amazing benefits. {Don't forget to download my free guide at the bottom of this post so you can do the same!}


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