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Hey, Facebook Friend!

I can't wait for you to get into the community and meet all the other amazing Purpose Babes!

But first, let's get you one of my favorite resources, my Simplicity Guide. Listen. Whether you live alone, have a slew of kids, or are running a successful business, you need some simplicity! 

When you create white space in your life, God has room to show up and knock your socks off! I can't wait to see what's in store for you!



I love my community and that's why these things are important to me!


A few years ago, I had a facebook community that was open to anyone and everyone who wanted to join. And it ws great! But things got a little out of hand and I had to close it down.

That's why I've created some rules and asked you to get onto my email list. It's just one step to make sure you're a real person who wants to build community and wants to get some extra love and attention from me!

After you've requested your Simplicity Guide, you'll be taken to a Thank You Page with a link to the group. 


1. Request to join and answer the questions!

These must be answered to gain access.

2. Be kind!

This community is a safe space to share your triumphs and struggles as you build your purposeful life and business.

3. You are right where you need to be!

Whether you've been in business for 10 years or you just have a dream you think you want to chase, you are right where you need to be and you are WELCOME!

4. No promotion

There will be no tolerance for self promotion. You are allowed to ask for help and feedback when you are working on a project but please do not promote your businesses. If someone asks for help and you are able to help them, you can let them know in the comments and it will be up to them to reach out outside of the group.

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