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Purpose Babe Live 2020!

Use your influence to create more income and more impact!

Surrounding yourself with like minded, purpose-driven women, is the fastest way to step into your calling with confidence so that you can create more impact in the world around you and create a life and business you love!


Proximity is Power!

Being in the room with other women who are fully living out their purpose gives YOU permission to do the same so that you can go home fully equipped, empowered, and confident to show up for your audience in a way you never have before!

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Your Life & Business Will Never Be The Same!

There is nothing that will bring you or your business transformation like a live event! 

I remember feeling so nervous when I started attending events as an entrepreneur.

“Am I going to fit in?”

“Everyone is probably so much further along than me!”

“Am I even cut out for this?”

I hated going to meet new people and often found myself trying to get out of attending. 

But that all changed when I finally put myself out there and opened up to possibility. I knew deep down inside that I couldn’t walk this road alone so I went for it. Palms sweaty, voice trembling, trying to quiet the negative voice in my head. And guess what! 

I survived! Not only did I survive, I realized that every single one of us were the same. We all had fears and insecurities. And we all wanted MORE. We were willing to step outside of our comfort zone to see just what might happen if we did.

Here’s what I know.

Every single live event I’ve been to has changed my life and business for the better. I’ve made genuine connections with people that understand exactly what I’m going through. I’ve transformed my confidence and business in ways that I never could have done had I not been in the room with other women who were choosing to reach their highest self and take their business to the next level. 

I’ve had breakthrough moments that have completely changed the trajectory of my life and led me right to where I am today.

And this is what I want for you.

There is NOTHING that will take you to your next level like putting yourself in the room.

Experience an event like no other!

Join us for the first ever premier event for purpose driven female entrepreneurs & business owners who are using their influence to create more impact in the world around them and creating a life and business they love. Immerse yourself in two days of coaching, training, mindset, connection, and community so that you can...

  • Get realigned with your purpose and vision.
  • Make genuine connections with like-minded women.
  • Get equipped with practical tools and trainings so you can step into your full potential and take your business to the next level.
  • Leave the event being transformed and confident in who you are so you can serve with authority.

October 23-24

Join us LIVE in sunny Orange County, CA

There's no better place to reignite your passions and pursue your purpose than in beautiful Orange County!

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Upgrade to VIP!

VIP Only Cocktail Party October 22nd so you can meet Corie and other amazing women who are choosing to invest in themselves and their businesses!

Stocked VIP Only Lounge where you can unwind or refuel (or both!), chat with Corie, and meet other experts and speakers in a more intimate setting!

VIP Only Swag - Upgraded swag bag exclusive to our VIPS!

Premier reserved seating so you can be up close and personal for all of the excitement!


Hey Babe! I'm Corie

It was just 6 short years ago that I decided enough was enough. I knew deep down inside that I was created for a greater purpose and I wasn't going to let life get in the way of living any more.

It all started with a little ol' blog - never despise small beginnings! The blog turned into a book and the book turned into a planner and the rest is history!

My ultimate passion is helping women discover their purpose and equip them to FULLY live that out.

I now have the ultimate honor of guiding other women on their journey of taking their influence and purposefully turning it into a profitable business inside the Purpose Babe Society.

But I still had one dream I hadn't dipped my toes into. And that's a LIVE event! The experiences we have planned for you are going to rock your world!

I can't wait to meet you in person!



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What are you waiting for?












(Soon to be $497)

Payment plan available! 

  • Two days event access
  • General Seating in main ballroom
  • Event Workbook
  • Swag Bag



(Soon to be $997)

Payment plan available!

  • VIP Only Cocktail Party 10/22
  • VIP Only Stocked Lounge - Including meet & greets with the speakers
  • Premier Seating
  • Event Workbook
  • VIP Only Upgraded Swag Bag
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