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A one year mastermind experience for high level, purpose driven power couples who are ready to take their marriage and business to the next level and create an abundant life that furthers the Kingdom.


Applications are open for a limited time.

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Hey! We're Ryan & Corie Clark!


We've been happily married for almost 25 years and run a successful online business. We are passionate about helping other couples pursue their purpose together to further God's Kingdom.

We believe that every person was created on purpose and for purpose and that God brought the two of you together to further His Kingdom. You can have both a successful business AND thriving marriage while making a huge impact on the world around you!

We're excited to help you get focused and take your business & life to the next level. And we're going to do just that by using your purpose to create influence that grows your business beyond your wildest dreams without sacrificing time with your spouse or family!

Here's what you'll get when you join the Marriage & Entrepreneurship Mastermind 


✔️ One-on-one strategy / coaching call with Corie & Ryan to set up your year for success ($997 value) 

✔️ Two in person retreats - Your investment includes two in person retreats one in Nashville & one in Florida *Travel & lodging not included ($5,000 value)

✔️ 12 Month Intensive - masterminding, strategizing, and getting hyper focused on your 2022 income and impact plan so that you can actually SEE results! ($9,997 value)

✔️ Twice Monthly Mastermind & Hot Seat Calls where you'll be coached, collaborate with the group, and share whatever you need help with at the time 

✔️ Mindset Mastery - so that you're not the one standing in the way of your success.

✔️ Exclusive group accountability - Access to an exclusive private group so we can collaborate and keep each other accountable with your launches, problems, and successes 

✔️ Access to Corie's programs - You will get access to all of Corie's programs and events for the duration of the 2022 mastermind.


**Seats are limited to maintain an intimate, trustworthy setting.


What if you decide to do nothing today?
Where will your business be 12 months from now?


We're going to let you in on a little secret...


Strategies and tips and courses will help you... but they won't get you where we know YOU'RE wanting to go.

The ONE thing that changed where we WERE and got us to where WE ARE... that catapulted us into new levels of success and impact was joining a mastermind.

If you're truly ready to take your life and business to a new level so that you can further the Kingdom and live the life of your dreams, NOW is the time.

And if you're saying to yourself, "Well, I'm just not sure if I'm ready..."

Let us ask you something:

When will you be ready?


It's never lonely at the top,
it's just exclusive.

What others are saying...

For the first time ever, we're opening up the mastermind exclusively to Christian Married Couples.

But, here's what Corie's previous mastermind members have to say...

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The investment I made by joining Corie Clark's mastermind was invaluable. It was just the kick I needed to focus on some goals that were just dreams in the beginning. With Corie's insight, they became realities. She took the time to give me good direction and look over projects on courses I wanted to start but didn't know if they were ready. She cheered me on to complete getting my certification in writing and speaking, and as a result I now have coaching clients of my own. I love her calm demeanor along with her follow up. She was so encouraging and knowledgeable. Most of all, she has become a friend that I can count on. You won't regret making the time and investment to have her expertise.

- Phylis Mantelli

Author of the book "Unmothered", certified coach, and co-host of the Podcast "24 Carat Conversations"

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My business has grown leaps and bounds and I have gained so much clarity by being a part of Corie's mastermind. Being in a Mastermind with other women chasing their goals to make a big impact is so inspiring. It's helpful having multiple points of view and women to cheer you on and keep you accountable! Corie is an incredible coach who is intuitive and can draw things out of you to help you get out of your own way. I was able to quadruple my e-mail list this year with Corie's coaching.  My brand has grown by more than double this year which has opened up all sorts of new opportunities for my business. I've grown, not only as a businesswoman, but also as a person through her coaching. Run, don't walk, towards any chance of working with Corie Clark as your mentor!

-Serena Ryan

Coach & Founder of the Confident Homeschooler

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