How to Set the Right Goals with Kristen Wheeler

business life podcast Feb 25, 2020

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In this week’s episode I’m being interviewed by Kristen Wheeler and we’re chatting all things goal setting! If you’re feeling overwhelmed or like everyone else but you has their ish together, then this is the episode for you!

This interview was aired on her podcast and I wanted y'all to hear it so she so kindly shared it with me! Because that's what amazing women do!

Kristen is the host of the podcast “Confessions of a Supermom Wannabe” and she is just a doll! I loved our conversation so much that I had to share it with you!

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From Single Mom to Realtor Coach with Jordan English

business podcast Feb 18, 2020

Interview with Jordan English - Realtor Mom Coach

Jordan English is a wife, a mama of two babies, the co-owner of a real estate team, a podcaster, and a lifestyle entrepreneur! Her journey began as a single mom at 19 years old trying to find consistent income to support her little family. Fast forward to today, she has an accounting degree under her belt, she is a licensed realtor, and she is pursuing a life by her design! 

Her mission is to help mamas in real estate become top producers without losing time with their babies. She believes that mamas have the right to pursue their dreams, build big businesses, AND be great mamas! 

In today’s episode Corie and Jordan have a casual conversation about entrepreneurship and all its ups and downs including raising babies and growing a business and navigating friendships as an entrepreneur.

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6 Keys to a Purposeful Brand

brand business podcast Feb 11, 2020

Building a brand is so much more than just pretty colors and trendy fonts. It’s an experience made up of 6 key elements. These key elements are what I used to build a multiple six figure brand and the keys I teach to my high-end clients and inside of my Purpose Babe Society

In this episode, Corie shares the 6 key elements to building a purposeful brand.

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If This Was My Last Episode

business faith life podcast Jan 28, 2020

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The world has been shaken after the sudden tragic death of Kobe Bryant and I felt compelled to share a few things that I want you to know. Because we are not guaranteed even the next second, I want you to know what’s on my heart and why I do what I do.

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My Word for 2020 and Three Reasons You Need One Too

business podcast Jan 21, 2020


In case you haven't noticed, I love everything about a new year. And one of my favorite things to do at the start of each year is choose a word for the year.

It seems as though everyone is doing this lately and I've been on the bandwagon for about 5 or 6 years now. But in recent years I started taking it a lot more serious. 

Tune in now to hear what my word for 2020 is and three reasons you need to choose one too!

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Prioritize Your Health as an Entrepreneur with Amber Brueseke

health podcast Jan 15, 2020

Corie interviews Amber Brueseke, BSN to chat all things health, macros, and taking care of yourself as an entrepreneur.

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As entrepreneurs we can often put our own health and energy on the back-burner. The problem with this is, our health is our biggest asset. In fact, if something happens to us, how in the world will our business survive?

Amber helps women achieve their health and fitness goals from a place of gratitude and self love. She believes it is possible (and important!) to work for the body you want WHILE loving the body you have. This is the premise she built her company Biceps After Babies around. She firmly believes you are 100% worthy as you art but learning how to set and achieve personal goals will help you better understand how freaking powerful you are. She is a registered nurse, certified personal trainer AND wife of 1...

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4 Tips to Uplevel Your Brand

blog brand business Jan 11, 2020

In this bonus episode (Episode 28) I'm sharing 4 things you HAVE to do if you're ready to up-level your brand.

Feel like you can't quite stand out in a crowded market? These four things are going to help you separate yourself from all the other girls trying to sell the same thing!

Here's a quick recap of the 4 keys but tune in to hear each one in depth.

4 Things You Need to Do to Up-level Your Brand

  1. Set an intention, make a plan, & take massive action  - Beyond goal setting, this is about setting an intention on who you want to become and how you want to show up. THEN make a plan and take action on it!
  2. Your greatest asset is your mind - Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right! Don't be the one who's keeping you from reaching your next level.
  3. Be the authority - Are you showing up as the authority in your industry? If you want to become the go-to person in your niche or industry, you have to show up as the authority.
  4.  Your tribe...
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2020 Goal Setting Tips

business Jan 07, 2020

Corie’s back from hiatus with exciting news and three things you MUST keep in mind when setting goals for the New Year.

After a 6 month break from podcasting, we are back in action and 2020 is going to be amazing!

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2019 Black Friday Deals

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2019

I'm always a sucker for Black Friday deals, so I wanted to share some of my favorites with you!!

I'll be updating this as I find others I think you should know about so check back often!


The Purpose Babe Society is open for a few days and you can get 30% off your membership!!!
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Price reflected in your cart!


Morgan Marie Shop is 30% off! - SHOP NOW
If you don't know, this is my duaghter's shop! Proud mama. Beautiful clothing for women!


My favorite stock photo site is having an AMAZING sale on their annual membership.
It works out to just $17 per month and is 100% worth it! CLICK HERE for the deal.


Best Lightroom Mobile Presets - Buy One Get TWO! Jana Bishop


My favorite essential oils are 30% off!! Plus some amazing freebies when you spend $50! And as always you get free...

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How to Deal With Failure as an Entrepreneur

business life Sep 09, 2019

Do you ever have one of those days or weeks or years where you're like, "OK God! I'm done learning! Can we just move on?"

That's me this year. I feel like my life has been SO CRAZY! Being an entrepreneur is NOT for the faint of heart. It's never-ending, it's lonely, there are no guarantees.... And you are the one who's in charge of all the things. 

It's been one of the hardest years but the most rewarding if I'm looking at my personal growth, spiritual growth, and just plain "lessons learned." 

Lessons learned aren't always fun though. I used to look at disappointments, letdowns, and failures as just that...disappointments, letdowns, and failures. But after spending a ton of time working on my mindset and really learning why have the feelings I have when certain circumstances arise, I've been able to turn them around and ask God, "What lesson are you trying to teach me?"

Don't get me wrong, I don't have this perfect. It's definitely something that has to be practiced. But...

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