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Ep 52: Tips for Writing Your First Memoir with Phylis Mantelli

business podcast Mar 09, 2021


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On today’s episode, Corie chats with Phylis Mantelli. They discuss how she became a first time author and how that led to becoming a writing and speaking coach and even a course creator.

Phylis shares some key tips for writing your first book or a memoir and is a total gem! Be sure to tune in because she has some great nuggets of wisdom to share with any woman!

Phylis is a wife, mother, and "Phee Phee" to her two grandchildren. She is the author of the book "Unmothered" Life with a Mom Who Couldn't Love Me. She is a coach, mentor and advocate for helping young women break the generational dysfunction of growing up with mothers who are difficult and broken. She is the co-host of the Podcast "24 Carat Conversations" with her best friend Rhonda Velez. They talk about all things women and how to be supportive and collaborative in a world where too much divide is happening. She loves the beach, cooking in her kitchen for family and friends, and will almost always break out in dance when the mood strikes her.

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