Create Space for Simplicity in the Busy

family home life simplicity Feb 28, 2017

create space, simplistic living

Do you ever ask someone how they are doing and they answer, "I'm so busy"? I don't think this is a new response, and I'm even guilty of using it myself! Even with my Purposeful Planner, I still have laundry, dishes, shopping, kid's games, church, obligations, family, and MORE on my plate. I totally understand the word busy as a mom of 3. But if we aren't careful, busy becomes an excuse to put off the life giving moments of quiet. We need to create space for simplicity in the busyness to live a life of intention.

Life is meant to be lived simply whether we realize it or not. In our "yes" culture, we say yes to so many tasks, responsibilities, and roles. Before we know it, we are stretched beyond our capacity to give fully to any one thing in particular. Which often makes us tired and resentful of being involved in anything at all. God did not intend this for us! He meant for us to live richly by being present.

This starts by saying no, even to the good things. And yes, to the things that will allow us to create space to do what's good for our soul. Don't get me wrong. This isn't a call to be non-committed to anything! It is just as essential to having community, living disciplines, and enjoying life! My hope is that we all live with purpose behind everything we do and avoid living "in the busy."

Here are a few practical ways to create space for simplicity in the busy:

  • Simplify your schedule. We all have non-negotiables. Prayerfully consider what absolutely falls into this category and get them written down in your planner. Everything else should be put on pause or removed, even if they are good things.
  • Be mindful of how much time you are on your phone. Smartphones are wonderful resources for so much, but if we aren't careful, they can sabotage real moments with the people around us. Spend the first half hour of the day without looking at texts, emails or notifications, and turn your phone OFF (yes it does that!) by 8 PM every night. You will be surprised at the change!
  • Avoid multi-tasking. There's a difference between productivity and multi-tasking! Listening to a podcast while cooking dinner, productive. Texting, talking to your kids, driving, thinking about dinner, multi-tasking... and a recipe for disaster! When focusing on fewer tasks at a time we are actually productive and can give 110% of our energy to that task.
  • Do something life giving everyday. Everyone is different so this is a space to celebrate our diversity! I'm not going to tell you to spend time alone for 30 minutes daily because some of you might not like to be alone, while others need an hour. Paint, take a walk, see the beach, laugh with your kids, have a sit down dinner - create a habit to do an activity that brings enrichment!

Our lives are meant to be lived. Not in the blur of busy so we can't remember our days. Yes, we need schedules, plans, and routines but make sure they are creating critical moments for your soul to receive what it needs!

What are some ways you can create space for simplicity in the busy?


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