Entrepreneur's Morning Mindset Routine

Being an entrepreneur can be exhausting. And not just because of the hustle, but because of the mind game that's constantly going. If your business is struggling, more often than not, it's starting with YOU.

Starting my day off with mindset work has been a complete game changer. When my mind is in the right place, before anything else comes at me, my day runs so much smoother.

I do ALL of these things before I even look at an email, social media, or start even the smallest bit of work. I've learned that if I can pour into myself first, I have a lot more to give the rest of the day. And what I AM giving, is more authentic, purposeful, and powerful.

My Morning Mindset Routine

First, I start with my Bible reading.  Sometimes it's my Bible App while I'm laying in bed. Other times it's a more in depth reading plan (by Robert Fergusson). I use The Jesus Bible for this specific plan and I also love The Passion Translation for other reading.

Next, I write in my prayer journal. This is where I write out specific prayers for myself, my family, and our business. The reason I do this, is it keeps me accountable to pray and reminds me of things I've prayed for when God answers them down the road. I LOVE looking back through my journal and highlighting answered prayers! This reminds me that God is IN my family and IN my business.

Next, I do some routine mindset work that repeats every single day, the same way. (I even created a 90 Days of Purpose journal for this purpose!) Here's what I write down:

  • Three things I'm grateful for in that very moment
  • Seven affirmations
  • Seven dreams (as if they've already happened)
  • Three intentions (three ways I'm going to show up that day, as the person I'm becoming)



Then, I do some dream journaling. This is a process I learned from the book, Happy Pocket Full of Money.  I write out every dream or goal I have, from the house I want to live in (including every little detail), to the vacations I want to go on, to the cars I want to drive. Nothing is off limits. I also add pictures so it's easier to visualize.

I spend 15 minutes looking through this journal. I read, I visualize, and if I have anything to add to it, I do!

Lastly, I'll read some non-fiction. Either a mindset book or a business book that can get me inspired to face the day.

It's amazing how much better my day goes when I implement these things. It's changed my life AND my business!


What things do you do to work on your mindset?


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