How to make Bulletproof Coffee and the benefits

health life Feb 16, 2018

How to make Bulletproof coffee

We've been drinking bulletproof coffee for quite some time now and I love it! It tastes delicious, fills me up, and fuels my brain.  This podcast episode is what turned me on to it. I highly recommend listening because you'll learn so much about how healthy fats are actually good for you and the science behind the coffee.

We buy the Bulletproof Brand coffee because it is mold free (you'll learn more about this if you listen to that episode). We add Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil and organic grass-fed butter. It's really tasty and fuels your brain and body enough to stay in ketosis and push back your first meal until lunch time or even later.

When I'm traveling and can't bring my grass-fed butter and oil with me, I use KETO//KREME which you can read more about in my Keto tips post.

Back to Bulletproof.

I personally buy my products from Amazon and put them on Subscribe & Save to save money. The Bullet Proof Brand only provides the highest quality products,  and their coffee tastes delicious!

Our customers know that our supplements, foods, and technologies are the purest you can get anywhere, and you can expect to feel a difference in how you perform the first time you experience them. Environmentally conscious and ethically sourced products build a sustainable foundation for future generations to thrive.


  1. Brew 8 oz of Bulletproof coffee
  2. Add 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed unsalted butter or Bulletproof Ghee and 1 serving of Brain Octane Oil (start with 1 teaspoon of brain octaine oil and gradually increase to 1-2 tablespoons)
  3. Blend until frothy and enjoy

When I'm making coffee for both Ryan and I, I'll use our Vitamix but if I'm just making a quick cup for myself, I'll use this handheld frother.

Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

  • More energy
  • Less cravings
  • Mental clarity / focus

Is Bulletproof Organic?

Bulletproof Coffee is passively organic. This means it isn't certified but it actually exceeds all organic standards. Watch the video above for a better understanding of why they do not go the certification route.

Where to buy

Like I said before, I buy my bulletproof on Amazon.

It is also available on the Bullet Proof site.

Do you drink Bulletproof coffee? Let me know in the comments below.

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