Ep 1: Letting Go of Perfectionism

business life podcast Feb 05, 2019

Purpose With Corie Clark: Episode 001

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In the very first podcast episode of Purpose, Corie shares how she let go of perfectionism so that she could grow her business and dream life.

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Letting go of perfectionism

Corie’s life changed when she read a quote from Jon Acuff in his book, Quitter:

“90% perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100% perfect and stuck in your head.”

Jon Acuff - Quitter

From that point forward she decided it was more important to throw her dreams out into the world and figure it out as she went instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Instead of wanting the "perfect" book, she wrote and self published The Simplicity Project and got it out into the world. And it started changing lives.

Instead of wanting to create the "perfect" planner, she created the Purposeful Planner and got it out into the world. And guess what, it started changing lives and turned into an overnight business.

Tune into this episode here to hear all the details!

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