My Journey to Health Freedom

health podcast Jun 22, 2021

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My Journey to Health Freedom

It’s been a 15 year journey and it will continue to be a journey for the rest of my life. But I’m so thankful for every lesson along the way and for all that has brought me here. 

No matter where you are on your health journey, know that you’re right where you should be. Small changes make a big impact over time.

After being prescribed birth control pills to put a bandaid on my health problems, I began seeking more natural options for both myself and my family.

I am not a doctor and nothing in this episode is medical advice. I’m just sharing as a woman, wife, and mom.

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My top 5 things to Start Living Toxic Free

Other resources mentioned in this episode:

Black Oxygen Organics

Skinny Bitch 

Gorgeously Green 

Dr. Matt (Chiropractor in San Diego, CA)

Dr. Mason (Chiropractor in Franklin, TN)



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