On Making Hard Decisions

faith life May 02, 2014

Maybe sometimes the hardest decisions we have to make are ones that God wants us to make ourselves.

It's amazing to look back over our lives and see how things played out. Knowing that because of decisions we've made, we've walked each step a certain way. And while some decisions may not seem as important as others, they all affect our lives in some way shape or form.

For the most part, our decision making can be pretty easy. If it's a matter of good vs. evil, good should always win. If it's biblical, then do what the bible says. If it's going to bring joy to someone, bring the joy.

But what about the decisions that aren't good vs. evil? Or the ones that aren't even addressed in the bible?

These are the decisions that we can fret over for days on end. Like, where should we move? Should we buy this car or that car? Should I take the job? Should we have a child? How many children should we have? Should we adopt? Should we foster? Should we homeschool?

You get the idea.

When we're making decisions like these, we want God to just open the heavens and yell down at our puny little selves, "TAKE THIS JOB ON THIS DAY!" or, "MOVE TO THIS EXACT HOUSE!" or, "HOMESCHOOL USING THIS EXACT CURRICULUM!"

Sometimes there is no right or wrong. Maybe sometimes God's just waiting to see what choice we make and then He's gonna hold our hand and guide us down that path. Maybe sometimes the hardest decisions we have to make are ones that God wants us to make ourselves. {Tweet That}

If we expect God to tell us exactly what to do every single day of our lives, it would be like me telling my kids exactly what choice to make EVERY SINGLE DAY. That's not grace. That's not freedom. That's not living. That's not learning. But no matter what choices my children make, I will help them walk the path that follows that choice.

So if you have a big decision like taking a job, moving, adopting, starting a business, following your dream. Maybe it's time to put on your big girl panties {or your big boy boxers} and make the decision. {Tweet That}

You may be missing out on the best decision of your life while you're waiting for God to answer for you.  {Tweet That}

If God tells you something, then by all means, PLEASE DO IT! If not, maybe He's giving you the reigns on this one. Trust Him. Let His grace carry you.

What's a hard decision that you've had to make and there just was no right answer?


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