Speaking Hacks for a Stand-Out Brand with Csilla Muscan

brand business podcast Mar 16, 2021

Episode 54: Speaking Hacks for a Stand-Out Brand with Csilla Muscan

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If you want to have a brand that stands out in this noisy online world and want to be able to communicate your brand identity clearly, today’s episode is a must listen!

In today’s episode, I interviewed my friend and one of my business besties, Csilla Muscan.

Csilla is a highly engaging keynote speaker and speaking mentor to online biz owners and educators who want to leverage their knowledge and grow their business by speaking on stages. Inside her "The Speaker Accelerator" program Csilla loves teaching her unique 'Magnify Message Method' to her students to help them step on stage and in front of more audiences as a confident speaker.

Csilla and I have been friends for a few years now and have been part of a peer based mastermind but now live in the same town so we’re doing a lot more dreaming and scheming together. In fact, we’re working on something for you that I am so excited about but we won’t be sharing any details until next week. So make sure you’re following both of us on social media and subscribed to the show because I don’t want you to miss out!

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