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Ep 20: From Zero to Tony Robbins as a Guest in 18 Months with Kelsey Humphreys

business podcast Apr 30, 2019


Purpose With Corie Clark: Episode 20


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Zero to Tony Robbins as a Guest in 18 Months

 In this episode, Corie interviews Kelsey Humphreys. Kelsey is a motivational comedian on a mission to get you laughing and keep you moving toward your goals. She has spent over 4,000 hours studying success and interviewing moguls on The Kelsey Show. She’s had insightful and hilarious in-person chats with Rachael Ray, Barbara Corcoran, Glennon Doyle, Tony Robbins, Candace Cameron Bure, Gary Vaynerchuk and many more. A true mompreneur, she grew her show from zero to Tony Robbins as a guest in just 18 months.

Tune in as Corie and Kelsey chat all things getting big name interviews as well as some great insight to being an entrepreneur / solopreneur and what it means to go all in.

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