Kickstart Your Business Workshop: $197 $97

Have a dream or idea of starting a business but no clue what to do with it? You just need someone to show you how!

Kickstart Your Business with Corie: 

A LIVE 2 hour workshop where you will learn how to turn your idea into a purposeful profitable business, find clarity, and create a 90 day strategy to help you turn that idea into a profitable business!


Monday, July 1st

Can't make it live? No worries! All registrants will receive the recording and workbook!

Do you have a bazillion ideas in your head that you want to turn into a business but you're just not sure how?


Let me guess. You've felt at least one of these:


  • You have a longing to do something more with your life and make an impact on the world but you feel like you're not important enough.
  • You want to contribute to the family income but you're just not sure you have the time.
  • You're tired of nurturing everyone else's dreams but your own but to follow your own dream feels selfish.
  • You wonder if it's too late to actually start the business you've always dreamed of.
  • You see someone else doing what you want to do so you really don't see the use in starting.


I've felt every one of those things! And that's why I've created the Kickstart Your Business LIVE Workshop!

Women are constantly telling me they want to join my high level programs and mastermind but they just can't afford it or they haven't even actually started!

Well, guess what! You won't ever afford my high level programs if you don't START!

Get your 90 Day Strategy so you can hit the ground running and turn your purpose into profit!

This is a virtual immersion experience! I'll be joining you LIVE online from my home office and we'll be together for 2 hours!

You will receive a PDF workbook prior to the class so you can get as much as possible out of our time together! Plus, your investment comes with 30 days free inside the Purpose Babe Society!

In the workshop we'll do the following:

  1. Learn how to turn your passions into profit so you can finally start living the life of your dreams
  2. Get clarity on the business you need to start and who you need to serve so you can start creating more impact immediately.
  3. Write out your dream business vision so you know exactly where you're headed and how to get there.
  4. Choose the best business model for you and your values so you aren't sacrificing your purpose or your family.
  5. Create your 90 Day strategy so you can hit the ground running and start your profitable business!

Imagine six months from now...
and you're actually running the business that you've been thinking  about for the last three years.

Imagine 3 months from now...
and you're actually starting your business and you're starting to make money from that.

Imagine what that would feel like!

Get crystal clear on the business you want to start and how to keep it aligned with your purpose! Plus! Walk away with a 90 Day strategy so you can go from purpose to profit right away!

What's included, Corie?

Included in your investment is the live workshop, extensive workbook, recording of the event, and 30 days of FREE access to the Purpose Babe Society!

This means that not only do you get a 2 hour workshop with me, helping you turn your idea into a business, you'll also get immediate access to Corie's VIP membership which includes the following:

  • The brand new printable Purpose Babe Business Planner
  • Your easy to follow Roadmap to Six Figures and beyond
  • Instant access to a year's worth of trainings and Q&A calls (Classes include email marketing, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and so much more!)
  • A new training each month to help you move along the roadmap to six-figures
  • Monthly coaching calls & Q&As with Corie
  • Quarterly book club
  • Exclusive private community available 24/7 where you can ask anything and everything about your business, and share your successes!
  • Monthly Swag - Printable content calendars and goal setting sheets delivered each and every month of the year
  • Exclusive discounted pricing in Corie's shop
How is this different from your other workshops?

The reason why this is different from my other workshops is this is a paid workshop. The reason it’s a paid workshop is it's for those who are SERIOUS about taking action! I want to give you the tools you need to start your business. You’ll walk away with practical templates tools and methodologies for you to actually be able to kickstart your business! This will be a no fluff workshop (which means I want no fluff women attending) with lots of action taking and you'll actually walk away with a clear and strategic plan.

Let this be your line in the sand for you to be able to move forward with that dream! Stop procrastinating. Stop saying, "one day." Today is the day! 


7 day, do the work, money back guarantee. If you attend the class and are not completely satisfied, please submit your work along with your top 5 takeaways from the live class to [email protected] within 7 days of the class for a full refund.

Just one payment of $197 $97!


Important: There are zero obligations attached to your 30 day trial of Purpose Babe Society which is included with your purchase of the virtual workshop -- you can leave the Purpose Babe Society at any time, but you MUST cancel your automatic payments within your 30-day trial if you wish to conclude your membership. You can email our support team at [email protected] with ANY questions!


7 day, do the work, money back guarantee. If you attend the class and are not completely satisfied, please submit your work along with your top 5 takeaways from the live class to [email protected] within 7 days of the class for a full refund.